Avenue South Residence top sales among the new private residential in the month of September

Avenue South Residence is close to the Greater Southern Waterfront transformation had become an attraction opened just last month, Avenue South Residence have sold off to a great start, 361 units, became a private residence in September sales champion.

The South Peak Royale is located in an old Tanjong Pagar station nearby Shi la Road (Silat Avenue), there were a total of 1074 units, believed to be the last one this year launched Project hypermarkets.

Project developer for the industry group (UOL), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took advantage of its National Day rally in mid-August in declared areas close to the south (Greater Southern Waterfront) detail the development of the region, causing market attention to strike while the iron is hot with the project. Developers in the area in the southern part of the future will create many opportunities for selling points, highlighting the significant value-add potential, the south peak Royale.

As a result, the first day of trading units sold, on average, more than 270 feet starting price of $1780. As a result of positive response the next day, he quickly roll out additional 200 units.

The South Peak Royale units spread across two floors of tall buildings in the residential building, as well as a five storey building height of four to retain the building. To launch the first phase of the 300 units, more than half of the unit price of less than 1,500,000 yuan.

Overall sales of new homes last month, prominent cent increase year-on-year to 1270 units, 14 months to its highest on record. In addition, the developer has unveiled a new unit has been increased to 1714 civil units.

In addition to the south peak Royale, and last month launched a new project also has the elegant Meyer Mansion, Xing Yuxuan (The Antares), as well as Cuscaden Reserve, etc.

top five best-selling hypermarkets are almost all homes projects
Last month, however, the most popular five large private projects, almost all are more than 1000 units of hypermarkets project.

The second is sold for a total of 1468 Kam Tai family units (Parc Clematis). it’s August sales, maintenance of sales last month, heat, in 1620 dollars, the median public price sold 119 units.

Kam Tai caste is located in the Hotung Xin haiyi group (SingHaiyi) development. In addition to a single bedroom to five bedroom flats, it also has a penthouse, terraces, town houses, as well as a row of houses and other larger units.

Ranking third Cui Lin court (Parc Botannia), the debut of the earlier project. Back in 2017 have sold since sales opened nearly Jiuchengdom 654 units.

Located by the developer, Sheng harborfenville road Cui Lin court Star Holdings (Sing Holdings) and Wei he Holdings (Wee Hur Holdings) joint development. It has a total of 735 units, 71 units sold last month, the median public price for $1311.

In March of this year, the next great selling project that ranked fourth is the Treasure at Tampines.

The project has a total of 2,203 units, the local unit is the largest number of projects, has repeatedly topped bestseller charts in private. It was ranked third in August, despite ranking last month, but still selling down 69 units, the median public price for $1355.

Currently, a total of 728 units sold, equivalent to a large private project sold out good performances.

It is the fifth largest lake court accepted (The Florence Residences), park it and treasure in the same month launch a unit sold last month, 68, the median public price for $1456. BA was also accepted at Lake Court project by Logan property development and high Hougang, near MRT stations, there were a total of 1410 units.

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