Avenue South Residences rides on the wave to greater southern waterfront transformation

Known as the “Halloween” seven months of the end for holding back on Thursday, the developer of busy again this weekend, the market is trying to launch a new project, “the temperature of the water,” one of the more compelling new television project is located in Shi la Road (Silat Avenue), the Avenue South Residences.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, recently announced a National Day rally in waters close to the south (Greater Southern Waterfront) detail the development of this region, it is gaining attention to private buyers, the south peak industry group developer Royale (UOL) strike while the iron is hot, said theAvenue South Residences campaign “in the south are close to the water in front of the first large-scale private projects.”

The Avenue South Residences has a total of 1074 units, spread over two floors of tall buildings in the residential building, as well as a five storey building height of four to retain the building. The developers would be the first to deliver 300 units, more than half the price of units below 1,500,000 yuan from 858000 billion one bedroom units take off, the two bedroom units, up from 1,150,000 yen.

adhere to the letter, chief executive of industry group on a tour of the project yesterday pointed out that the south peak Royale unit consists of three categories, including relatively high floor peak collection, lower floors of the Horizon collection, as well as preserving the building’s heritage collection, their average feet, respectively, for the price of 2250 Yuan, $1980 and $1780.

Southern Waterfront said that adhere to the letter on the next government will be to reshape Singapore’s key development project, which covers 2000 six hectares, equivalent to a Marina Bay area of the region, will promote a more robust commercial and leisure activities, create a lot of business opportunities, and more likely to homes around the area with enormous potential to add value.

He also suggested that companies at a competitive price under the standard part of theAvenue South Residences, so can make the first batch of buyers to enjoy a more attractive price. But it is likely to increase prices on new condo projects like The Tre Ver and Amber 45.

The industry group UIC and Kheng Leong reacted to the Avenue South Residences project in May last year, when it was lots of surprise is the only buyer, priced at 1,035,300,000 yuan, equivalent to a price of $1138 feet.

Referring to the current property market conditions, adhere to the letter said, cooling measures, while adjusting to the role of home price increases, but the market remains resilient in the first half of the year, home prices are still at higher prices, private subscription rate is better than a good second half of last year, indicating strong demand for potential buyers.

On the other hand, the Hong Kong society, the instability of the situation seems to have prompted more buyers purchase of Hong Kong to Singapore. Asked about this, sticky Trust said he was not aware that there are these trends, however, he said, “Singapore’s political stability, has traditionally been considered an investment haven, so there will always be attractive to foreign buyers to purchase here.”

On Friday the Avenue South Residences open sales showroom, and on 7 September a formal sale.

In addition to the south peak Royale, the weekend debut of the new project also are located in Shirida Hill yes of private residential housing projects Luxus Hills. A total of 78 a rollout to homes, and there’s 999 year lease, each housing prices from 3,058,000 yuan to 4,200,000 yuan

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