“Ip Man” looking for a new home in Singapore

The star action movie hero, Donnie Yen and his wife is not the only Golden Week holiday in China to the city of Hong Kong. Donnie Yen and his wife Wang Qian (Cissy Wong) has came to Singapore to find homes

A real estate agent said that the couple is said to have been quietly visiting star was “actively looking for valuable real estate”. Donnie and Wang Qian, allegedly visited completed high-end apartments, including: A development along Balmoral Road, located in the main (Bishopsgate) north of the exclusive neighborhood, Hans Christian Andersen Residences Bishopsgate Road (Anderson Road) and 18 Nouvel of Beach Road (Beach Road) south of Fenghua government (South Beach Residences).

Wang Qian and Donnie Yen is not the only high-end real estate market in Singapore who buy real estate, on 20-22 September, visitors from the continent to watch Formula One night race in Singapore, is said to have more visitors arrived in Singapore during the Golden Week period. Golden Week, which began on 1 October, a period of seven days, China’s national day and the people’s Republic of China celebrates its 70th anniversary memorial day.

SRI managing partner Bruce Lye said. Bruce Lee is specialized in high-end residential marketing real estate agent, “which is what they decided to purchase a property one of the reasons.”

When Hong Kong’s high-end shopping malls and luxury hotels in the Labor Day holiday weekend before losing the crowd, the Lye said many of his foreign friends are in the same period visiting Singapore, but they complain that they are not in the mid-range and high-end hotel rooms available, because all the rooms were fully booked.

On Saturday, 28 September, a Chinese person in Sri broker hook to $ million ($3,532 per square foot) price on Jubilee Road in Singapore (Cairnhill) of the Ritz-Carlton apartment (Ritz Carlton residences) has purchased a set of area 5,662 square feet of apartment. This giant apartment is the real estate developer Kop Ltd will be 36 Storey Ritz-Carlton 15th floor apartment in two separate sets of three bedroom units were combined. The house is located in Cairnhill is expensive luxury brand has only 58 set of units, completed in 2011. This giant apartment was first announced in July this year to $ US 20 million ($3,955 per square foot) price for sale.

In Hong Kong, like Terence Law that real estate brokers in the past two weeks were just as busy. Terence Law in Hong Kong is one of the largest real estate agent Centaline Property (Centaline Property) chief, senior program director, the company has over 5,500 brokers. on 21-22 September and 28 to 29 for two days last weekend, every week there are more than 30 game of real estate activities. This means that the Hong Kong overseas developers are set to target markets. ”
For example, the weekend of 28-29 September, Australia has hosted three games in Melbourne and Sydney real estate project featuring exhibitions; The other four exhibition is London and Manchester, the UK real estate, there are four exhibition from Singapore.

Meanwhile, Malaysia has 11 exhibition games, including seven of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, at least two games played from Man Valley valley; field from Toronto and Vanco Huahua; field from Osaka and Dong Jingjing game and two were from Dubai, and Vietnam.
At the end of last week before a series of property exhibitions, on 26 September, also hosted a seminar on Australian immigration issues, on 27 September there is also a Centaline Property held by the Malaysian “my second home” (my second home) Project workshop.

In addition, the South China Morning Post in cooperation with Singapore Singapore EdgeProp Singapore real estate section of the first session, there were six real estate developers are in state companies, Wang Land Aurum, Cade CapitaLand, Eng CEL into Development, the Far East and Guoco Group real estate. The project shows many are located in a prime location, in spite of this, there are also a number of projects are located in urban fringe.
According to the South China Morning Post reported that about 1,000 people to sign up for a September 28 event. Before the activity, according to a survey, the majority of participants were male, aged 35-44 years of age, between family income more than HK $200000 ($ thousand).

Most of them are said to be a director or senior executives in Hong Kong, living in more affluent communities. The price for which they are alleged to have ranged from 5 million to HK $0 (equivalent to $900,000 to $1.8 million) estate between very interested.

Development with potential gain in near future that includes Avenue South Residence located along Silat Avenue. The high attraction had attracted many keen interest of property investors in Singapore and overseas.

One of the attendees were residing in Hong Kong about 12 years of foreign bankers. We have been focusing on Australia, because that’s the one you can see stability, economic growth and capital appreciation of the place. Now, because what is happening in Hong Kong, and Singapore are becoming more and more is worth exploring. ”

In Singapore real estate investment during the seminar, red brick mortgage advisory firm (Redbrick Mortgage Advisory) associate director of Jo “an Tan and Singapore law firm Sim Mong Teck & Partners executive director Gary Leong made presentations.

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