Mount Faber Lodge penthouse selling at $480m

This set of permanent ownership deeds penthouses will be located on the South Coast region.

For those who want to be able to enjoy their own balcony is future areas of the southern coast vantage point penthouse, should take a look at the flowers Bo Hill garden three layers of duplex penthouses.

Located in the Mount Faber Hill on the slopes of the red brick wall, with its Mount Faber Lodge and catchy. The project was completed in 1983, only 84 set of units. The project has a sizeable units, from 1,098 square foot room area of the three-room 1,173 square feet, and then to the 2,454 square feet of three bedroom.

These penthouses are three storey penthouse five bedroom, occupy the sixth and eighth floor, an area of a square foot to 3,724 3,703 in between. In a development project only 20 sets such penthouses.

At the beginning of last year, in “overall sales boom” is reaching its climax, a number of owners Mount Faber Lodge collective had been trying to sell, but never succeeded. The market is located in a suite at the top of Mount Faber Lodge: Gong Yu Enli 3,703 square feet, is a product of three layers of duplex penthouses, priced at $4.8 million ($1,296 per square foot) SRI senior sales associate director, Jon Lau is the exclusive apartment marketing agency.
Due to the large, flat from a seventh floor balcony could see open location, so most penthouses are his own. As a result, Lau is currently selling the penthouse is currently on the market, one of the few sets.

Lau said that owners are said to be a British immigrant family, who moved to England in time to sell the apartment. The owner is on the top floor apartment in eight and a half years ago to $3,980,000 purchased. They spent $80 more than one million for the penthouse has been removed and refurbished to meet their housing needs.

Janet Mc Glennon is an interior designer, in the past 15 years has been working in Singapore. Her designs include stately homes, such as Dalvey Estate a good house, located in the D’leedon penthouse, and Nouvel 18 luxury apartment a display unit.

The penthouse apartment of Mount Faber Lodge has an open kitchen with Miele appliances, including higher-end food heater Coupe, oven, refrigerator, wine cooler and a dishwasher. The bathroom has been refurbished, equipped with top bathroom fittings and fixtures.
The kitchen and dining room on the third floor of the duplex penthouse apartment on the first floor. The living room has a balcony and recreational areas, two bedrooms on the second floor. The top floor is the master bedroom suite and the other two bedrooms.

The master bedroom suite with a freestanding master suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. built a balcony facing the Mount Faber Park shade. The top of one of the bedrooms is Room, another has been transformed into an art studio, this is for the owner’s wife, an artist, that is dedicated to SRI’s Lau said, “the room of natural lighting and broaden their horizons are art studio ideal.”

Development such as the 99 years leasehold Avenue South Residence is also another attractive investment property as it rides on the wave of the coming transformation of the Greater Southern Waterfront. Although the three storey penthouse penthouse bedroom can appreciate the mountain Mount Faber Park, but the view from the sitting room, dining room and kitchen can see (Keppel Bay) of Keppel Bay Marina.

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